The kick off meeting of the project EPEP took place on 5-6 November 2018 in San Secondo di Pinerolo near Turin. The meeting was hosted by the Italian coordinator INFOR ELEA and brought together all 7 partners.

EPEP, which stands for “European Prisoners Entrepreneurship Program” is a strategic partnership project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. Its objective is to help prisoners and former inmates to successfully reintegrate into society and reduce recidivism through entrepreneurship. To do so, the project aims to develop an innovative training platform for prisoners and former inmates through a virtual business incubator.


The foundations of modern societies are built on the rule of law, but also on professional fulfilment and solidarity. Everyone deserves a second chance, the opportunity to redeem through our personal contribution to social growth.

Often the process of reintegration of prisoners is based on re-insertion programs in the world of work. Unfortunately, the current macroeconomic conditions, together with the widespread distrust of the operators make their success more complicated, resulting in a wide possibility of recidivism. Having entrepreneurial skills becomes a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the willingness to change.

Meeting Agenda