The EPEP dissemination campaign has considered the opportunities to raise awareness amongst civil community and NGOs involved in former inmates’ reintegration. Four multiplier events have been carried out to promote the European Prisoners Entrepreneurship Program gathering NGOs, academic representatives and policy makers working on the reintegration of the prisoners. They have given the opportunity to exchange experience and good practices amongst participants.
The multiplier events involved more than (147 Italian and XXX Belgian) stakeholders to strengthen the links with society and business and to reinforce the systemic impact of the project.
INFOR ELEA has organized the following Multiplier Events in Italy, at his headquarter in Villa La Sorridente located at San Secondo di Pinerolo (Turin):
•    July the 2nd 2021: “Entrepreneurial training as an instrument of social redemption” (See the Agenda here)
•    July the 21st 2021: “Becoming an entrepreneur: a conscious choice” (See the Agenda here)

The University of Liège has organized the following Multiplier Events: